1/15/2013 Council Preview – Lawrence Station Area Plan

Very short agenda.

We start the evening with a closed session involving “anticipated litigation” (further described as “significant exposure to litigation”).  I know nothing more than you do.  [UPDATE: I’ve been informed that the closed session has been cancelled].  We then go to a study session for the Lawrence Station Area Plan, where the Planning Commission and Council will jointly receive an advance peek at the recommendations from the LSAP Citizens Advisory Committee and make suggestions to staff, prior to this issue returning for a public hearing.  This should be very interesting.

We then go to the general session.  First item is recognition of outgoing Vice Mayor Dave Whittum, followed by my ceremonial swearing in as this year’s Vice Mayor.  We then have a presentation from the Downtown Streets Team.  This is followed by a second presentation regarding Vision Literacy.

After that, we strictly have the consent calendar, which isn’t small.  We have three contracts for upcoming work, a purchase agreement for the new tasers, an outside counsel legal fee amendment, and a final tract map approval.  Just a guess, but I suspect some of these items will get pulled (I’ll hazard a guess and say that two items plus the bills get pulled).  And that’s it.

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