Sunnyvale Launches Online Crime Reporting

From the city’s latest press release:

Online Crime Reporting Enhances Public Safety Services

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – Sunnyvale’s Department of Public Safety has launched a new online reporting system that allows victims of non- emergency crimes to enter their information online and have the police report reviewed and issued within 24 hours.

“This new service is not an alternative to having an officer respond. An officer will always respond when requested,” emphasized Lt. Shawn Ahearn. “We’re simply enhancing the service we already provide by helping a victim more quickly and conveniently get what they need most in these circumstances — a copy of the police report.”

More than a fifth of all non-emergency crimes filed with Sunnyvale’s Public Safety last year fell into one of the categories that can now be filed online with the new system designed by the company CopLogic. These non- emergency crimes include: check fraud, insufficient funds, theft from a vehicle, harassing phone calls, lost property, vandalism, identity theft, theft (excluding robbery) and vehicle tampering. Once a victim has their police report, they can file insurance claims and get important documents, like driver’s licenses, replaced.

“Prior to CopLogic, it might take us a few days to issue a police report because of the time needed to enter and review the information in the system, and the victim would then have to come to headquarters to get the report,” explained Lt. Ahearn. “Now, a victim can just enter the information themselves and the system emails them a link to the report as early as the same day – or within 24 hours of the information being entered online.”

This new service is just the first in a series of online tools the Department will be adding over the next several months for reporting non-emergency crimes, getting electronic copies of police reports and informing the public about local incidents. The new system is easy to access and designed to be mobile-friendly for those who use smart phones or tablets.

To use the service and read more about the types of non-emergency crimes that can be reported online, visit and click the File an Online Police Report button.

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