12/4/2012 Council Preview – Paid Parking, Fremont Pool, and School Traffic Safety

This is going to be a very long night – several very big issues with long RTCs.  And note that Councilmember Moylan will be teleconferencing from Connecticut for this meeting.

We start the evening with a study session regarding land use alternatives for the East Sunnyvale industry-to-residential area.  I would assume this is referring to the area around DeGuine, but I’m not positive about that.

The consent calendar is a big one, with a couple of contracts and a contract amendment.  Staff is asking for more money for the Morse Avenue park soil remediation – apparently the soil being removed was a lot denser than was expected, requiring greater disposal cost.  There’s a proposed increase in salary for temporary part time rec workers.  Staff says that those salaries haven’t been increased in a while, resulting in some positions now being minimum wage and all of the proposed raises going for positions that are significantly below that of nearby cities.

Item 2 involves the issuing of a request for proposals for a new operator for the Fremont High School Pool.  This could very well end up being the old operator, but it could also result in the current operator being replaced by city staff.  At any rate, we’re not deciding who will do it, but what terms will be required in the request for proposals that we issue.

Item 3 involves a developer proposing to replace a church on Fremont at Cordilleras with a series of single-story, single-family houses.

Item 4 has us receiving a comprehensive school traffic study and possibly authorizing efforts to be made to address deficiencies reported in the study.

Item 5 has us considering a downtown parking and maintenance management program.  Staff is recommending that we introduce paid parking for several lots west of the Caltrain station.

Item 6 involves the naming of the new 1-acre park that we’re getting as part of the Fusion housing development.  We’ll either pick a name or pick a process for selecting a name.  Jim Griffith Park, anyone?  Nah, standing policy requires us to only name parks after individuals when the individual has made a noteworthy contribution.  But “Landon Curt Noll Park” is one of the proposed names…

Item 7 is similar, consideration of naming streets or public facilities after fallen officers.

And item 8 is one that came out of the blue for me – changes to our ordinances to prohibit solicitations in roadways and parking lots (under certain circumstances).

Very meaty stuff, and I’m not done reading through all of it just yet.

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