2013 Study Issues Deadlines

As we reach the end of the year, we’re gearing up for the study issues process, which is always one of the first tasks of the new year.  And we will be having our public hearing on potential study issues on January 8th, with possible last-minute issues being proposed up until the final deadline of January 11th.  However, the City Manager has asked Council to try and get council-sponsored issues in by December 7th, to give staff the time to properly write them up.  The sooner a study issue can be proposed, the more thought council and staff can give it, and the better it will fare.  If you have ideas for issues we should be examining, don’t hesitate to email them to me.

I expect to run my study issues survey again this year, although I’ll release it a little later than usual.  While I like to run it for a full month, late issues end up getting the short shrift when I do so.  So I’ll probably fire off the announcements shortly after the 11th.  The study/budget issues workshop will be February 1st.

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