11/20/2012 Council Preview

Very busy calendar.  One of the biggest I’ve seen in a while, and just a week since our last meeting, to boot.

We start the evening with not one but two study sessions.  The first looks at ways to retool the zoning code (and I don’t know much more than you do about this).  The second involves next year’s council intergovernmental relations assignments – who is on which committee and commission.

The consent calendar is a big one.  There’s an issue involving BAWSCA that’s interesting.  BAWSCA buys water from the SFPUC, and we’re a member of BAWSCA.  The SFPUC is undergoing massive seismic and safety retrofitting, and BAWSCA (we) owe them a lot of money as a result, which we’re repaying the SFPUC through your water bills at an interest rate above 5%.  The BAWSCA leadership figured out that if they could issue bonds to pay off the debt, the decrease in interest rate would save everyone money.  So they’re asking us if we want a part of this.  The consent calendar also has two Homeland Security grants, a purchase of three trucks, and a contract for water line replacement.

Item 2 involves city ordinances for mobile home park conversions – the laws that govern when a park can be converted and how it has to be done.  For the most part, this is an old housekeeping item that came up after a park was sold several years ago, and it was created with no parks in mind.  The larger parks aren’t likely to ever go anywhere.  But since then, at least one of the smaller parks has had some problems, which makes this unexpectedly timely.

Item 3 is a procedural matter regarding the possible sale of the Raynor Activity Center.  Having previously approved  starting a process to sell the RAC, this item discusses awarding a contract to do the work of pursuing the sale.  It’s not the actual sale – we haven’t even picked a buyer yet.  It’s basically “sale oversight”, I believe.

Item 4 involves possibly doing a Moffett Park Specific Plan general amendment for possibly permitting a new office development project on Bordeau, Moffett Park, Borregas, and Mathilda (near the Monster Interchange). Jay Paul is proposing another very large office complex in that area, which would use up a lot of the remaining office space allowance in our Moffett Park Specific Plan.

Item 5 involves a possible general plan amendment for a residential project on Weddell (NE of Fair Oaks and 101, basically an ITR proposal).  Interestingly, staff is making no recommendation on this request.  It looks like they are saying “yeah, we can allow housing here, but it’s just as good as an industrial site, so we’re not making a call”.

And item 6 involves possibly amending our CalPERS contract to support a new 2%@60 second tier pension program for miscellaneous employees.  Staff is describing this as preparatory, clearing the way for later action.

That’s it.

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