11/13/2012 Council Preview – Human Services Funding and Cell Towers

First, a big thanks to everyone who attended my Town Hall Meeting tonight in Lakewood Park.  Great crowd, really good discussion, and you didn’t stick me with too much leftover junk food that I now have to eat all by myself.

We start the evening with quite a bit of closed session stuff – the ongoing SEA negotiations and more on the ongoing Downtown litigation.  Pretty long closed session, too.  But no study sessions, so we go to the general meeting next.

We then have a very interesting presentation about the 100th anniversary of Lockheed-Martin.  I highly recommend people show up, if only for this alone.

There’s a fair bit of closed session stuff.  One involves almost $1 million in contract labor for a temporary increase in plan checkers and inspectors.  As you may have read, we’re undergoing the biggest construction boom that the city has ever experienced, and our staff is seriously overworked trying to keep up with all of the permitting that’s going on.  But this expense is a good thing, since the resulting development fees that this will create will more than cover the expense involved.  And staff is proposing this as contract labor because this boom isn’t going to be a permanent thing that justifies expanding our workforce long-term.  We also have a couple of maintenance contracts and our biennial conflict of interest code review.

And there are only two general business items.  Item 2 examines our policy regarding human services supplemental funding.  We receive grant money every year to distribute to various non-profit service providers, and we supplement it with some city funding.  This issue looks at the way we evaluate potential recipients and distribute the funding.

Item 3 looks at possible changes to our ordinances governing cell towers that are installed in the public right of way.

And that’s it.  Pretty simple night.


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