“American Water Resources” Insurance Offer

We’ve been notified that a company called “American Water Resources Insurance Services” is going to send out a mailing to all Sunnyvale residents shortly, and I wanted to clear it up and frame it properly.  This company, based in New Jersey, seems to have noticed that like most cities, Sunnyvale assigns responsibility of sewer maintenance to homeowners for the portion of the sewers that fall on private property.  So they are offering some sort of insurance package to homeowners, to protect homeowners against expenses caused by backups, tree roots, whatever.

This commercial offer has nothing to do with the City of Sunnyvale, and the City does not partner or participate in the offering in any way.  I could not tell you if it is a valuable service or a total scam, and you should do your own homework and draw your own conclusions based on whatever you discover.  As a member of a homeowners association that takes on responsibility for all such things, I doubt this will even be an issue for me personally.

This company has contacted those of us on the Council, presumably because their mailings have caused problems in the past in cities where residents mistakenly believed it was somehow a city-run program, which it is not.

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