Sunnyvale PSO Lawrence Receives Family Online Safety Institute Award

Sunnyvale Public Safety Officer Holly Lawrence has won the Outstanding Achievement Award from the Family Online Safety Institute, for her pioneering work with Yahoo! to combat cyberbullying.  PSO Lawrence worked with PSO Tracy Hern and Yahoo! to develop the School Resource Officer Digital Safety Education Program, and she now trains law enforcement agents from other jurisdictions in how to combat cyberbullying.  PSO Lawrence will be receiving the award in Washington, D.C. on November 14th.

This is a wonderful program, and it came about because PSO Lawrence, PSO Hern, and Yahoo! recognized that a problem exists, got their heads together, developed the program, and now work to spread its effectiveness to other cities throughout the country.  And those other cities are eager to participate.  It’s a real success story that could only happen in Sunnyvale.

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