Sunnyvale Canine Team Takes First in Statewide Competition

Sunnyvale Public Safety Officer Robin Smith and her canine partner Colt took first place in this year’s Witmer-Tyson Police Canine Trial.  This is an annual competition where canine teams from across the state compete in trials such as Obedience, Protection, Obstacles, and Search.  In addition to Officer Smith’s victory, Officers Pistor (with Koa) and Mutz (with Zac) fared extremely well.  Sunnyvale was very well represented in this year’s competition.

I first met Officer Smith when I did a public safety ride-along in 2008, and she played host (about a year before she was assigned to Colt).  And I got to meet Colt for the first time during Leadership Sunnyvale on Public Safety Day.  So I was thrilled to hear that they won, after taking second place last year.

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