9/11/2012 Council Preview – Bicycles on Pastoria/Charles/Sunset

Sorry for the lateness.  Busy night.  We start with a closed session to discuss the City Manager’s performance evaluation, then get to business very quickly, with no special orders or presentations.

The consent calendar is huge, with some meaty items, including a new Sewer System Management Plan, some proposed changes to utility infrastructure spending, new manholes and sewer lines, and even a proposed rejection of RFP proposals.  Then we get to the general business.

Item 2 is our semi-annual board and commission appointments.  We’ve got a bunch of seats up and a bunch of applicants, so that should run for a bit.

Item 3 is the big one of the night – possible reconfiguration of Pastoria, Olive, Charles, Sutter, and/or Sunset to support bicycle lanes or bicycling boulevards.  This is going to be challenging, because sections of Pastoria and Charles are very narrow, and there is likely to be conflicting opinions between cyclist supporters and neighborhood residents concerned about the possible loss of street parking and the impact on their neighborhood.  I haven’t gotten into this issue enough yet, and there are a lot of options and details involved with this, so visualizing the details of this issue will be a bit of a challenge.

Item 4 is a Planning Commission appeal involving the denial of an application for a large family day care.  The proposed location for the day care facility is close to other existing day care facilities, and that’s not normally allowed.  This issue seems to have divided the neighborhood, so it may be contentious.

Item 5 is a list of proposed changes to Sunnyvale ordinances involving taxicab franchises.  We’ve had some issues with the existing ordinances that have been highlighted by various franchise applications this year.  So staff has worked through the ordinances and developed a list of changes to give the city more control over taxicab franchise enforcement.

Item 6 is a proposed change to Sunnyvale’s ordinance regarding bicycle licensing, to switch from city licensing to the National Bicycle Registry.

And that’s about it.

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