Road Closures For Repaving/Resurfacing

You may have read or heard that we’ve budgeted a significant amount of money for repaving and resurfacing roads, to raise the overall road quality back to the desired level.  From memory, we’re spending an additional $2.5 million per year last year, this year, and in the next three years until we address the backlog and reach the desired Pavement Condition Indicator (PCI) level of 80.  At that point, we’ll return to a “maintain the status quo” state and keep things at that level.  We just started a new project like this to address tree maintenance as well, you may recall.

With the start of the new fiscal year, staff is getting that roadwork done, with a vengeance.  The City Manager has published information about specific street closures that are involved this time out.  You can find the spreadsheet of residential roads here.  These are chip and slurry seals, which are very cheap processes that can be done on roads in moderate condition (an extremely cost-effective way to add a decade to a road’s good conditions).  The city is additionally doing full-on repaving (grinding and paving) on several major routes:

  • Evelyn Avenue from Sunnyvale-Saratoga to Reed
  • Mathilda and the approaches to the Mathilda bridge
  • Hollenbeck from ECR to Fremont
  • Maria Lane from Wolfe to ECR

This work will also include replacement of some damaged sidewalks and curbs along the affected routes.

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