Sunnyvale Named #7 For Raising a Family

In case you missed the news, Kiplingers has ranked Sunnyvale the seventh best city in the nation in which to raise a family.  The Mercury News has a follow-up article talking about the ranking and interviewing our own Kathy Besser and Mayor Spitaleri.  It’s a great read.

So I’m trying to determine the nexus here.  We’re the seventh best city in the nation for raising a family.  We’re the top city in the nation for dating a nerd.  And we’re the top per-capita purchasers of the Hunger Games, indicating we’re a top spot for literacy.  Apparently, the media is telling the world that Sunnyvale is the best place in the country for a woman to find herself a literate computer geek and raise a family.

I strongly deny any allegations that this is all just a ploy to find me a girlfriend.


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