Great ProMatch Story has a great story on Sunnyvale’s ProMatch program, part of our NOVA services, and the challenges faced by workers over 40 in the high tech marketplace.  ProMatch is a great program, but it’s funding is increasingly under attack nowadays.

NOVA isn’t strictly speaking a Sunnyvale service.  It’s a regional service that is entirely funded through grant money, primarily from the state and federal government.  Sunnyvale doesn’t contribute a dime to it, nor do any of the other cities in Santa Clara County.  But we use our infrastructure (IT, HR, management) to run the program on behalf of the entire region.  Unfortunately, both the state and federal government are cutting funding for NOVA’s services, as well as that of similar services here and elsewhere.  The state’s attacks are obviously due to the budget situation in Sacramento.  The federal government’s attacks are due to the conservative majority in the House, which controls the purse strings.  Regardless, the end result is that services like NOVA and ProMatch are struggling to survive.  And cuts and layoffs are coming.  This CNET article shows exactly why these services are so important and effective – now, more than ever.

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