3/20/12 Council Preview

A little bit last minute, but here it is.

We start the evening with a closed session regarding ongoing negotiations with the Sunnyvale Employees Association, followed by a study session involving potential changes to Sunnyvale’s zoning code regarding mobile home park conversions.  Then we get to business.

First up are two special orders of the day, one to recognize National Library Week, one to recognize Arbor Day.  The consent calendar has a few items on it, contractual stuff, a budget modification involving due-diligence costs for acquiring park land, our annual Code of Ethics review, and so on.  Included to this is a proposed amendment to our contract with the Communications Officers Association.  They’re basically proposing to match the concessions that were already made by PSOA, PSMA, SMA, and SEIU.  Then it’s on to general business.

Item 2 is proposed approval of a new license agreement for operation of the Sunnyvale Tennis Center.  Staff has selected a proposed operator, and they’re presenting the terms of the updated agreement for our approval.

Item 3 will probably provoke some discussion – proposed changes to Sunnyvale’s smoking regulations, to include bans on smoking in parks and in or near outdoor dining areas.  Staff is proposing extensive changes and new regulations about where people can and cannot smoke in public.  I think there will be a few speakers on this topic, probably on both sides of the issue.

Item 4 involves creating a Citizen Advisory Committee to provide staff with input regarding the Lawrence Station Area Plan.  Staff is suggesting this would be useful to them, and it has some bearing on grant money associated with this project.

Item 5 provides further subcommittee input on this year’s neighborhood grants and community event grants.  The subcommittee has met and formed more recommendations for us to consider.

And item 6 has us looking at AB 1648, the DISCLOSE Act.  This act would require additional disclosure of funding sources as part of political advertisements.  We will discuss its impact on Sunnyvale and possibly take a position on it.

And that’s about it.  I think this is going to be a long one, because there’s a lot going on, and a lot that will interest the public.


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