2/28/12 Council Preview

Looks like a relatively short night.

We start the evening with a closed session regarding the Raynor Activity Center.  I know nothing more than what is in the public notice, but it looks to me like we will be discussing two bidders, AppleSeed Montessori and the German International School of Silicon Valley.

After that, we go to the main meeting.  We open with recognizing the passing of Ted Ringel, a good guy who served on the Heritage Preservation Commission as well as the recent Charter Review Committee.  He passed away in January.

Then we have the consent calendar, which has a law enforcement grant, a couple of contract items, our revised priority issues, and an interesting one – authorizing 15MPH speed limits at 37 locations near schools.  That one sort of came out of the blue for me.  We had a study issue which we rejected because it was mostly operational, but then the very next meeting, we’re approving a speed decrease at 37 locations throughout the city.  I’m a little surprised how quickly that happened.

Item 2 looks over the year’s tentative calendar with respect to the approved study issues.  We get a look at which ones made the cut and when staff proposes returning the issues to council.

Item 3 involves potentially rezoning two properties on Evelyn from commercial to very high density residential.  This is a pocket of small businesses surrounded by housing on Evelyn west of Sunnyvale.  Most noteworthy of the businesses operating there is the Public Safety Officers Association office.

And item 4 is a review of the process for this year’s community grant and neighborhood grant distributions.  This is organizational in nature, determining some of the terms and processes we’ll be following for this year’s grants.

That’s about it.  It could be short, but it depends on how much we want to chat about items 2 and 3, I suspect.

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