Putting Out the Call For New Commissioners

We have our summer commission recruitment coming up in April, and there are a large number of vacancies this time out, some with incumbents eligible for reappointment, but some not. If you want to get involved in what happens in Sunnyvale, I strongly urge you to consider applying to be a Commissioner or Boardmember. Here’s a list of the current known vacancies (it’s always possible that other vacancies may open up before appointments are voted on):

  • Arts Commission (1)
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission (3)
  • Board of Building Code Appeals (3)
  • Board of Library Trustees (2)
  • Heritage Preservations Commission (2)
  • Housing and Human Services Commission (3)
  • Parks and Recreation Commission (1)
  • Personnel Board (2) (1-Employee nominated seat; 1-Council nominated seat)
  • Planning Commission (2)
  • Sustainability Commission (2)

A couple of the commissions have eligibility requirements, the rest are open to all Sunnyvale residents.  For more information and to get an application, see the city’s web site.

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