2/7/12 Council Preview

Pretty diverse evening.

The evening kicks off with yet another closed session, this time involving existing litigation against the city.  It’s a short one, though, followed by a joint study session with the Parks & Rec Commission regarding the city’s policy regarding Park Dedication and our priorities for the various pending projects (I think).  Then it’s on to open session.

We start the meeting with a special order of the day commemorating Sunnyvale Reads Months (and I don’t fully understand it, but I’ll learn more about it Monday night).  We’ve got a good-sized consent calendar, including various contract issues, a final tract map, and an amendment to the city’s agreement with the Sunnyvale Historical Society.

Item 2 on the list is a big one – consideration of a use permit for a new 5-story office building at the Mary Avenue Post Office location.  I expect this to be a pretty significant issue.

Item 3 involves our annual consideration of priority issues and legislative advocacy positions.  This is a list of the topics that staff and council can advocate for when dealing with other governmental bodies.  The changes are pretty extensive this year because staff went through and did a cleanup job.  There are some proposed changes, but it also consists of a lot of elimination of redundancy.

Item 4 returns the issue of council policy revisions that was deferred from our last meeting

Item 5 is an interesting one – possibly amending benefits to deal with councilmembers who are also retired city employees.  We find ourselves in an unusual position right now, in that a new councilmember is also a newly-retired city employee.  And that creates an unusual benefits situation, in that the councilmember is effectively penalized for also being a retiree, forcing him to pay something like 1/3 of his council salary just to get the same benefits that every other councilmember gets.  So we’ll be looking at what we can and should do about it.

That’s about it.  There’s also an interesting information-only RTC regarding rental and vacancy rates in Sunnyvale that’s worth checking out.

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