City Resolutions?

I’ve got a question for you folks.

You probably hear all the time about cities adopting resolutions in favor of this or that.  San Jose just voted to support the CA DISCLOSE Act, which requires greater disclosure in political advertising.  This is pretty common practice in the larger cities, and even some smaller cities pass resolutions like that at the drop at a hat.  Sunnyvale doesn’t.  We have our legislative advocacy positions that we update once a year (coming up soon), and we’ll consider endorsing ballot measures at election time, but that’s it.  Otherwise, we’re hands-off.

But I frequently get asked to have the city take some position supporting or opposing some principle that, at best, has a very indirect impact on city operations.  And I often find myself wanting the city to take positions on issues that matter to me personally.  But we don’t, for the most part, and I don’t push for it because it’s usually not really city business, and because we have a council policy that issues have to impact city business before we take them on.

So what are your thoughts?  Do you like the notion of a more activist city taking a stand on important bigger picture issues?  Or do you prefer that we stay focused on our core mission of delivering services and not get distracted by issues beyond our control?  I’m curious to hear your reactions.  Let me know.

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