11/15/2011 Council Preview

This looks like a pretty light evening.

We start the evening with our annual review of intergovernmental relations (IGR) assignments.  Sunnyvale has membership on 20 or so boards and commissions throughout the county and elsewhere, things like the Cities Association of Santa Clara County, the Valley Transportation Agency (VTA) Board of Directors and Policy Advocacy Commission, and many others.  And we divvy them all up among the seven of us.  For instance, my assignments are currently

  • County Recycling and Waste Reduction Commission
  • alternate on the Grand Boulevard Task Force
  • Pacific Library Partnership System Advisory Board
  • Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Association
  • San Francisco Bay Area Regional Water System Financing Authority (RFA) Board of Directors

Every year, we take a look at the assignments and potentially shift them around, due to changes in interest from councilmembers, scheduling conflicts, or, in this case, changes to who is on Council.  So in preparation for voting on who is assigned to what on January 10th, we’ll review what vacancies are going to come up this year.

We’ve got no special orders or presentations, so we get right into it.  There’s a hefty consent calendar, including a number of budget modifications and a wide variety of other issues.  One of them apparently includes an agreement with SEIU 521, which appears to be labor concessions that match what PSOA and PSMA agreed to earlier in the year.  There’s also a final tract map approval, a contract to buy five police cars, and some other stuff.  Then we get down to business.

Item 2 has us considering appointments to vacancies on the Arts and the Heritage Preservation Commissions.  Pretty routine, other than the length of time it takes to resolve this kind of thing.

Items 3 and 4 are more of the usual taxicab deal.  One is a franchise renewal, the other is a new franchise.  Apparently, there’s been an explosion of taxicab usage in Sunnyvale…

Item 4 is an amendment of our contract with CalPERS to reflect the contract change that Council approved with the Public Safety Officers Association (PSOA) and the Public Safety Managers Association (PSMA).  To recap, PSOA agreed to go to a two-tier system, with new hires having their retirement age raised to 55, and they increased the employe contribution to 3% (phased in through 2014).   I think this is a pro forma issue, but it’s not on the consent calendar, so I need to read through this some more.

And that’s it.  This seems like a short meeting, but labor issues are unpredictable, so we’ll see.

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