11/1/2011 Council Preview

Long night, at least for us.

We start the evening with board and commission interviews, and then we have a study session regarding adding construction requirements for supporting electric car chargers, which should be interesting.  This is a study issue I sponsored.  No special orders or presentations, so we get right to it.  The consent calendar has a few budget modifications, a contract issue, and two more taxicab franchises.  And then it’s to business.

We have only two items, but they look meaty.  Item 2 is the Phase 1 report for the Lawrence Station Area Plan, which will either be quick or lengthy, and it’s hard for me to tell just yet.  I need to do some more reading.

Item 3 involves possible revisions to our ordinances to support graywater systems.  This is an important issue because potable water is a declining resource, given availability and a growing population.  So alternative sources of water for non-potable uses, like graywater systems, are going to become increasingly important.  But there are also health issues.  This item returns to us the results of a County working group and consideration of a model ordinance.

And that’s it.  This feels like a short meeting (other than the long lead-up), but we’ll see.  Then we’re off for two weeks due to the election, back on the 15th.

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