10/18/2011 Council Preview

Looks to be a rather diverse night.

We start the evening with a closed session regarding the Downtown. I’m hopeful this is good news, not that I know anything about it yet, and not that I could tell you if it was… We then have two special orders of the day, recognizing Breast Cancer Awareness Month and National Arts and Humanities Month. Then comes the consent calendar, which has a number of contracts – one of which I pretty clearly need to recuse myself from (the Fair Oaks/Tasman contract rejection – it’s likely within 500′ of my home). Then we get to business.

Item 2 is a proposed general plan amendment to rezone to allow for construction of 40 new apartments at Iris near Fair Oaks (Highlander Apartments). Not much more to say about that.

Item 3 is one of personal interest to me – approving CEQA requirements for the proposed Morse Avenue Neighborhood Park. I’m going to spend most of the weekend reading this item, as it’s so big it had to be divided into six pieces…

Items 4 and 5 are similar but not related – approval of two taxicab franchises, one for Green Cab, one for All Time Cab. I haven’t looked through these specific ones to see if there are issues yet, but these items are frequently pro forma.

And item 6 will probably involve a fair bit of discussion, so I’ll spend some time to explain it. This is a discussion of alternatives for how we pick our grouping’s representatives on the VTA Board of Directors. You may recall that VTA representation underwent a reorganization of the way that cities are grouped. In this latest grouping, Sunnyvale was moved into the “North East Group” with Santa Clara and Milpitas. Our grouping gets two seats and one alternative from the three cities, and the three cities need to decide how we select which cities will fill those seats. Currently, Santa Clara and Milpitas don’t have any seats on the Board (Santa Clara might serve as an alternative, I’m not sure), and Sunnyvale has a seat on the Board.

This is made more complex by the fact that Santa Clara’s Council has already voted to support a “simple rotation” scheme, and Milpitas’ Council has already voted to say they don’t care about the scheme, as long as they get one of the next two seats. So coming up with a proposal may be a bit of a challenge.

And that’s about it.

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