10/4/2011 Council Preview

Looks like a long night, at least for the six of us. The meeting probably isn’t too long, but there’s a big lead-up to it.

We start the evening with a closed session regarding pending litigation. And while I can’t say what the discussion involves, I did a quick google search and discovered that cities all over the state are having closed sessions on this topic. Interesting. Anyway, we then go to a public study session regarding Hangar One Rehabilitation, which I’d suspect a number of citizens will be interested in attending. Then it’s on to the regular meeting.

There aren’t any special presentations or special orders of the day. And there are no consent items other than the three usual ones. It’s been a while since we had an empty consent calendar.

Item 2 has us considering taking official city positions on November ballot measures, specifically Measure A, the directly-elected mayor initiative, and Measure B, the proposal to reduce charter-mandated council raises.

Item 3 looks at awarding a taxicab franchise to a new cab company applicant.

And finally, item 4 has us examining a proposed “request for proposals” for leasing the Raynor Activity Center. While Raynor has been a hot-button issue, this discussion is a little more general. We won’t be making any decisions regarding the specific entity that will be getting the lease – at most, we’ll be discussing the general classes of entities that are eligible for a lease.

That’s it for the regular meeting, but we also have business as the Onizuka Local Redevelopment Agency. First, we have to elect officers. Second, we are looking at wording for changes to our Onizuka redevelopment plan. It’s a bit wonkish, but our plan originally listed a number of preferred uses, but events over the past couple of years caused us to change course a little bit in our intended uses for Onizuka. This is a follow-up on those changes.

That’s about it. It has the makings of a short meeting, but there’s some unpredictability, so we’ll see.

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