8/23/2011 Council Preview

Gonna be a long evening for us, not so much for everyone else.

We start the evening with Board and Commission interviews>, followed by a closed Redevelopment Agency session regarding the Downtown. This almost certainly deals with Wednesday’s foreclosure auction, more on that to follow. Then we get into the meeting.

No special orders or presentations. The consent calendar has an item about funding for bike lanes on Pastoria, as well as a “complete streets” project for Hendy. I haven’t read that yet, but it sounds like that might involve bikes and pedestrians as well. And there are a couple of contracts. Then we get to the general business.

Item 2 involves a study issue regarding utility bill assistance for low income, fixed income, senior, and disabled customers, which should be pretty interesting.

Item 3 involves modifying our fee schedule and municipal code regarding solid waste. It specifically refers to a new fee for uncovered loads at the SMaRT Station, but I haven’t looked to see if there’s anything more than this (my guess is no).

Item 4 is a fun one that I did read through – responding to the County Grand Jury regarding firefighting services and emergency dispatch throughout the county. I did read through this one and staff makes the case that the Grand Jury didn’t really understand Sunnyvale’s dual training model when it made its recommendation (and that it made several factual errors along the way).

Item 5 involves consideration of maternity leave for board and commission members, and we’ll be discussing how to handle it when a commissioner requests an extended leave for maternity reasons.

And that’s about it. I think the main meeting may be pretty quick, but there’s a huge lead-up to it.

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