Update on Redistricting Attempt to Hose Sunnyvale

The Merc is reporting that the proposed redistricting would potentially put us in the district that Congressmember Mike Honda intends to run for.

Please note that I am most definitely not concerned about the prospect of being represented by Congressmember Honda, who has served the Valley well for many years. The Redistricting Commission is hosing us by separating us from Mountain View, and dividing our common federal interest in Moffett Field Naval Air Station and NASA Ames. Congressmember Eshoo, the current representative for both SV and MV, has been in the thick of all discussions regarding saving Hangar One, reusing Onizuka Air Force Base, and other Moffett and NASA issues. Separating Sunnyvale and Mountain View into different congressional districts hurts us regarding multiple federal issues.

This is an issue that is worth complaining about – loudly. I encourage Sunnyvale residents to voice their displeasure directly to the Redistricting Commission. The City is already working on its official response.

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