7/26/2011 Council Preview

This one may be short or it may be long, and it’s hard to tell. But this will be our first meeting since learning of the passing of Councilmember Swegles, so it will be a difficult meeting, regardless.

We start the evening with a joint study session with the Planning Commission regarding the Lawrence Station Area Study. That should be interesting.

Then we get into the business of the day.

It’s not reflected in the agenda, but we will spend some time at the beginning of the public meeting to reflect on the passing of Councilmember Swegles. I’m not sure exactly when this will happen or what format it will follow, but it’s supposed to be early in the meeting, and a number of us will have some thoughts to share.

Also up front is a special order of the day.  The Sunnyvale Works! program was recognized by the Alliance for Innovation, and we will be receiving their 2011 Award for Outstanding Achievement in Innovation for the program.  I don’t know what our plans are for this, but this should all be for Gary.  I remember sitting in the audience when he pitched Sunnyvale Works! to Council (his having been on the job for just a few months, no less), and I remember thinking “what, is this new guy nuts, spending so much money going into a recession???”  But it worked out extremely well for the city, much better than anyone predicted, and it will be really gratifying to see the city’s efforts rewarded in this fashion.

We have an extremely light consent calendar, just one contract, and then it’s on to business.

Item 2 involves adoption of our new consolidated general plan, and this represents a huge amount of work, mostly by staff, but also by the General Plan Consolidation Advisory Committee (GPCAC), on which I served. The goal was to take the 22 separate elements of our General Plan and condense it into a single, unified, smaller document that could be more easily used. You can find the end result here.

Item 3 is our annual public hearing to place delinquent citation payments on the tax rolls, similar to what we did with utility bills last week.

And that’s about it.

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