07/28/2015 Council Preview – Butchers Corner

This is gonna be a long one.  We start the evening with a closed session regarding ongoing labor negotiations, followed by another round of board and commission interviews.  No presentations or special orders, so we get right to business.

The consent calendar is small but pretty diverse.  There’s renewal of the City’s agreement with the Sunnyvale Garden Club. There’s a $250k grant for Sunnyvale Community Services for homelessness prevention and rapid re-housing. There’s a contract for asphalt, which is necessary because our original contractor was unable to deliver as promised. And there’s a second reading of our housing impact fee ordinance.

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New Interactive Map for Development Projects in Sunnyvale

The City has released a new interactive tool so people can quickly see everything that’s being built, everything that’s being proposed, and everything that’s being considered in Sunnyvale.  Want to know what might be happening near you?  Go to the map.  Want to know what the status of a particular project is?  Go to the map.  City staff updates the map with latest project status information twice a month.  Further information about the tool can be found here.

07/14/2015 Council Preview – CCEs and a Land Purchase

We’re back from our long break, and we have some pretty big items on the agenda.  We start the evening with board and commission interviews.  We’ve got some key vacancies (Planning Commission, two on the Board of Library Trustees), so we’ve accelerated the appointment process a bit.

No special presentations or special orders, so we get right into it.  Despite our break, our consent calendar only has one significant item, approval of a budget modification for redesigning our website.

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Rumor Control: Future Sunnyvale Development and Traffic

A recent rumor has been circulated that Sunnyvale’s government proposes projects enormous changes housing, industry, and traffic, and the rumor quotes significant, scary numbers in its claims.  Unfortunately, the author made major factual errors in his claims, and the result isn’t at all correct.  In some cases, there’s no basis in reality for the numbers, and in others city documentation was misread or misunderstood.  It bears clarifying what is under discussion and providing accurate facts.  The City Manager has heard these rumors herself, and she will be addressing them too in an upcoming bi-weekly blog.  [Update: staff’s analysis was just published].

First, some background.  We’re talking about Sunnyvale’s General Plan, specifically one element called the Land Use and Transportation Element (LUTE).  The General Plan’s current version of the LUTE examines existing zoning and conditions as they apply to changes in Sunnyvale through the year 2025.  The draft LUTE looks to update those conditions and extend them through 2035.  So in effect, we are looking at how we support an additional 10 years of changes in Sunnyvale, going forward.  And every ten years or so, we update the LUTE and do this again.

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06/23/2015 Council Preview – 15/16 Annual Budget

We start the evening with, get this, three closed sessions and a study session (sigh).  The first involves ongoing negotiations regarding the long-term leases for a new operator of the golf courses.  Apparently the negotiations are more complicated than usual.  Gee, it’s a good thing the Council has the authority to decide terms of such a long-term lease of recreational facilities on its own…  The second involves negotiations to buy property near Charles and Iowa.  The third is our semi-annual performance review for the City Attorney.

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