03/24/2015 Council Preview

Looks like a more normal night for a change.

We start the evening with two closed sessions.  The first involves the various ongoing labor negotiations with the different bargaining units.  The second involves discussion of a possible property purchase off of Charles.  You may recall that we own about an acre of land on a block of Charles, but it’s not contiguous.  There are four parcels owned by three individuals in the middle of the parcels that we own.  This closed session involves those four parcels.

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Upcoming Sunnyvale Utility Rate Increases

On Tuesday, we had a study session on the upcoming utility rate increases, to go over how rates are determined and what factors come into play.  It was pretty clear from the fact that we had a study session that there wasn’t going to be good news, and I was right to think so.  You can view the original powerpoint presentation here – it’s very interesting.

Keep in mind that all of this is tentative, and there are some factors that are still to be determined.  State law mandates a certain process for changing utility rates, and that process includes an extensive review period, giving ratepayers an opportunity to protest rate increases.  So we have to announce the tentative rates long in advance, and we can adopt the tentative rates or lower rates once the protest period ends.  This forces us to plan for the worst and lower any increases as appropriate if facts change to our advantage.

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Civic Center Modernization Project Community Workshop Saturday April 25th

Please mark your calendars for the first of several community outreach events that will contribute towards planning the future of Sunnyvale’s Civic Center.  We’ll be holding a Community Workshop on Saturday April 25th in the Library Program Room from 9-12 in the morning.  The goal of the first workshop is the vision and success criteria – what do we want a new Civic Center to accomplish?

03/17/2015 Council Preview

Another long night.  We’re doing a lot of these, because of the ongoing labor negotiations.  And this one has the most non-consent items I can remember seeing.

We start the evening with yet another closed session to discuss just those negotiations.  This is followed by a study session about the upcoming utility rates for FY 2015/16.  The fact that we’re having a study session on this topic probably isn’t a good sign…

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02/24/2015 Council Preview – BRT

Lotsa big issues being discussed tonight.

We start the evening with a study session to review the draft Lawrence Station Area Plan.  This was a long time in development, overseen by a citizen committee made up of business owners, neighborhood members, and other residents.  After this is a study session to review progress on the Peery Park Specific Plan.  This has had a lot of community outreach  over the past several months.

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