06/23/2015 Council Preview – 15/16 Annual Budget

We start the evening with, get this, three closed sessions and a study session (sigh).  The first involves ongoing negotiations regarding the long-term leases for a new operator of the golf courses.  Apparently the negotiations are more complicated than usual.  Gee, it’s a good thing the Council has the authority to decide terms of such a long-term lease of recreational facilities on its own…  The second involves negotiations to buy property near Charles and Iowa.  The third is our semi-annual performance review for the City Attorney.

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Groundbreaking for New Fire Station 5

Sunnyvale will be breaking ground on its newest fire station, FS5, this Wednesday.

This is a big deal, since other than a renovation project, we haven’t expanded fire service coverage in many, many years.  This is something of a public/private partnership that developed out of both Onizuka and a major office project, Moffett Place.  It’s a bit complicated, but I’ll lay out the plan and the service changes.

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06/09/2015 Council Preview – Budget Public Hearing

Lots on this agenda. We start the evening with two closed sessions, the first involving ongoing labor negotiations, the second being the City Manager’s semi-annual performance review.

We have two special orders of the day.  First, we’re recognizing Judi Nickey, who is leaving the Personnel Board after 8 years of service.  We normally recognize outgoing boardmembers and commissioners at a May or June meeting, but the Personnel Board doesn’t meet in a predictable fashion.  So we’re doing this at this meeting.  The second special order is the swearing in of the new commissioners that we recently appointed.

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What Does The Recent Town Center Ruling Mean?

As many of you may have heard, the 6th District Appellate Court issued an opinion Tuesday on the final of three appeals from various Town Center lawsuits involving Wells Fargo and Sand Hill (Peter Pau).  The opinion favors Wells Fargo in all respects and orders the lower court to dismiss all five of the causes of action in the lawsuit filed by Sand Hill against Wells Fargo. This is significant, and residents are rightly wondering what the ruling means.  I’ll try to set it in perspective.

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05/19/2015 Council Preview

Looks like yet another long night.  We start the evening with another closed session on labor negotiations.  This is followed by an important joint study session with the Planning Commission on the upcoming update to the  Land Use and Transportation Element (LUTE) of the General Plan.  This is a major undertaking that will take up a lot of our attention in future months.

The general session starts with not one but two special orders.  The first is a presentation on the “Schools Goin’ Green” grant program.  The second recognizes Public Works Week.

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