Iron Construction Grand Opening – LEED Gold and Zero Waste

I had the pleasure of cutting the ribbon on the new Iron Construction building in Moffett Park today, and I was pleasantly surprised by the facility.  It isn’t often that a ribbon-cutting catches me off-guard, but this one did.  Moffett Park has a LEED Silver requirement, and the owners went to LEED Gold, which is nice, but they didn’t stop there.

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Sunnyvale DPS Using Nixle For Real-Time Public Safety Alerts

Sunnyvale’s Department of Public Safety is now using Nixle to provide real-time alerts when public safety incidents need to be sent out.  Residents can sign up for Nixle by doing the following:

  1. Go to and click on “Sign Up Free!”
  2. Enter the information that is requested.  You do not need to provide your home phone number, since Nixle sends texts to cell phones.
  3. At this point, you can add areas of interest in the Settings tab, or you can respond to the text message sent to your cellphone to specify ZIP codes you want to monitor.  This will automatically sign you up for Sunnyvale DPS alerts.

Sunnyvale DPS uses Nixle to send out alerts about school lockdowns, timely traffic incidents, evacuations and shelter-in-place events, and other incidents that residents may want to monitor.


03/25/2014 Council Preview

This is going to be a very long night, what with two closed sessions, three big land use issues, and a bunch of other stuff to get done.

We start the evening with another closed session regarding the City Manager recruitment.  This is followed by a second closed session involving labor negotiations with the Sunnyvale Management Association and SEIU 521.

The consent calendar is pretty short.  We’ve got the usual stuff, approval of two final tract maps for projects previously approved by the city, and second reading of the addition of e-cigarettes to our smoking ordinances.

Item 2 and 3 are related.  Item 2 involves a joint Environmental Impact Report for two proposed projects on either side of Fair Oaks Avenue north of 101.  And item 3 involves potential rezoning of the properties in question.  The one west of Fair Oaks is divided in half with two different zonings, and the applicant is asking for the southern half to be rezoned to match the northern half.  The one east of Fair Oaks is zoned industrial, and that applicant is asking for it to be rezoned residential (R-4/PD).

Item 4 involves approving a pilot project for LED streetlights.  We’ve done LED streetlights already (about 20% of our lights), but those have been on arterials and collectors, not residential streets.  This will do a pilot on residential streets to gauge resident reaction and allow the city to tailor them before rolling something out city-wide.

Item 5 is our annual progress report on how we’re doing implementing our Housing Element.

Item 6 is a design review of a proposed 6-story office building in Peery Park.

Item 7 involves adopting a reporting program for a storm pump station that operates on Calabazas Creek.

Item 8 has us considering spending $50k for an ecosystem analysis of the landfill and Baylands related to the proposed improvements to the landfill and possible location of Animal Assisted Happiness at Baylands.

Item 9 is approval of a $8.6 million contract for management of reconstruction of the Water Pollution Control Plant.