02/24/2015 Council Preview – BRT

Lotsa big issues being discussed tonight.

We start the evening with a study session to review the draft Lawrence Station Area Plan.  This was a long time in development, overseen by a citizen committee made up of business owners, neighborhood members, and other residents.  After this is a study session to review progress on the Peery Park Specific Plan.  This has had a lot of community outreach  over the past several months.

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02/10/2015 Council Preview – Moffett Park Proposal

We start the evening with a closed session involving labor negotiations with three different units – the Sunnyvale Managers Association (SMA), Public Safety Association (PSOA), and the Communications Officers Association (COA).  This is followed by a study session to go over the housing impact fee that we’re exploring.  Currently, we are prohibited by law (the Palmer Decision) from attaching affordable housing requirements on rental property as we do with ownership housing (where 12.5% of new units are BMR units).  So we are exploring this as a means to compensate for the Palmer Decision.

We start the general meeting with a presentation from VTA regarding a study it’s doing to examine current and potential ridership on the north/south transit corridors.

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Entire City Using Hetch Hetchy Water Through Next Week

Just a note about a temporary change in water delivery, since it affects about half of the city.  Generally speaking, the northern half of Sunnyvale receives water from the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC, or Hetch Hetchy), and the southern half of Sunnyvale receives water from the Santa Clara Valley Water District (SCVWD).  But that’s not the case for the next week.

The SCVWD had to shut down its valves for corrective repairs, which happened on February 2nd.  Until repairs are completed on February 12th, those areas in Sunnyvale normally receiving SCVWD water will instead receive SFPUC water.  So if you notice a difference, that’s why.

Tonight’s Study Session and Friday’s Study Issues Workshop Postponed

We are rescheduling tonight’s study session for the City Manager and City Attorney performance evaluations and Friday’s Study Issues Workshop to a date to be determined, because I have to fly out of state immediately due to a family emergency (I’m posting this from the airport).  The dates for the new sessions are still to be determined, but I’m hoping to hold the Study Issues Workshop on Friday, February 13th.  I apologize for the massive inconvenience that this causes the city.