Habitat for Humanity Dedicates New Sunnyvale Home

I had the pleasure of attending the dedication ceremony for Habitat for Humanity’s new home in Sunnyvale, the very first Sunnyvale Habitat project.  The home is going to the Proulx family.  Justin Proulx is a math teacher at King’s Academy, and they are understandably thrilled not only to finally have their own home, but to have one just a mile from where Justin works.

  _MG_4616(Photo courtesy of Misuk Park).

I got to help with this home, starting with preparing the front yard, and later helping put up one of the interior walls.  It was great to see the finished property.  Habitat is close to dedicating the second home, and I look forward to seeing that one dedicated and occupied very soon.

It was also very cool to see all of the Habitat volunteers wearing Habitat hats, each of which represents 500 hours of service.  Some were also wearing multiple service pins, each of which also represents 500 hours.  I saw one gentleman wearing a hat that easily had ten or more pins on it.  That level of dedication is truly inspiring, and it’s what makes the difference between living in a city and living in a community.  Thank you to all who made this possible.

10/14/2014 Council Preview – Landbank and Minimum Wage

This is going to be a long night.

We start the evening with a closed session regarding ongoing labor negotiations with the Sunnyvale Managers Association, followed by a second closed session involving litigation between our RDA successor agency and the County Office of Education.

The general session starts with three separate special orders.  The first recognizes Rotary’s World Polio Day.  The second recognizes National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  And the third is our annual Fire Safety Poster Contest awards.

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09/30/2014 Council Preview

Long night, at least for some of us.  We start the evening with our semi-annual performance review for the City Attorney.  This is followed by what should be interesting – a study session on our criteria for accepting park land dedication.  Brief explanation here.  When new housing is constructed, the applicant is required to give us a certain amount of their land, or the cash equivalent.  From memory, the current standard is that for every 1000 new people expected to be housed, an applicant must give us five acres of land, or the cash equivalent at $69/square foot.  And the city has the option to require a land dedication or to accept cash, which is then used to either buy land or perform capital improvements on our existing parks.  But there are times when it’s a bad thing for us to accept land.  For instance, if there are known toxins in the soil, it may create too much liability for the city to accept land.  This study session will go over the existing standards.

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SVBJ: Super Bowl 50 Will Squeeze Hotel Space

The Silicon Valley Business Journal has an article on something a lot of us are already dealing with – the fact that Super Bowl 50 in 2016 will consume every available hotel room in the region.  Santa Clara Mayor Jamie Matthews told the Cities Association of Santa Clara County several months ago “expect every one of your hotels to be fully booked for a couple of weeks”.

One of the more clever ideas I’ve heard floated by some residents is to rent out your home for a week at some obnoxious rate, then spend Super Bowl week in Hawaii instead of in Sunnyvale with money left over.  Engage in this notion at your own risk…